Invisalign VS. Braces

There is a lot being said these days about these two treatments to straighten the teeth and gain full functionality.

On one side the Orthodontists say that traditional braces are more versatile, allowing rotation of cylindrical teeth like the canines if need it as part of the treatment. Other comments from Orthodontists are that because the braces are bonded to the teeth gives better control compared with the clear aligners from Invisalign. Which depends on whether the patient complies with the requirements of wearing the alignments as indicated by the Dentist.

Dentists and Orthodontists that offer Invisalign as a treatment to straighten teeth say that the clear aligners from Invisalign offer an option to those who do not want to wear braces, or those who have TMJ problems, or periodontal disease.

Pro-Invisalign Dentists argue that Invisalign offers a quicker more straightforward treatment to straighten teeth and gain full function.

It is important to always get a second opinion to ensure you make an informed decision on what would work best in your particular case. Every person is different and the treatments are also different.

So the truth is both treatments offer a solution to straighten teeth and gain full functionality that will, in turn, prevent other more serious health issues.

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