Three Tips For Whiter Teeth

Just like having a great haircut, having an attractive smile that you are proud of can really make you feel fantastic. Having whiter teeth can also make you look younger, so it is no wonder that celebrities and indeed anyone in the spotlight makes sure they keep their teeth as white as possible. The good news is that there are many ways to ensure your teeth stay looking heir best, apart from your normal brushing and flossing dental routine. Let’s look at 3 of the ways you can guarantee your smile lights up a room.

  1. Avoiding Food And Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

The list of food and drinks that you should avoid because they can stain your teeth is a fairly long one, but don’t get disheartened – don’t forget that most of the negative effects can be avoided as long as you remember to brush your teeth soon after eating or drinking. Unsurprisingly, most of the foods that can add to long-term staining of your teeth are also the ones that will stain your clothes. These include dark berries such as blueberries, red sauces such as marinara, soy and tomato sauce and mustards. The list of drinks to avoid includes cola, red wine, tea and coffee. Interestingly, acidic drinks such as orange juice and clear sodas can erode the enamel from the teeth, making them more susceptible to staining in the future.

  1. Eating Raw Vegetables And Fruits

We all know that we should probably be eating more healthy foods, but something that most people don’t realise is that eating raw and crunchy fruits and vegetables can actually help clean and whiten teeth. Foods such as raw apples, nuts and carrots work as natural abrasives, cleaning off any residual bacteria, plaque and stains off the surface of the teeth. Obviously the key to maintaining this cleansing effect is to brush after meals to avoid food remaining on your teeth, as this is the main cause of the build up of bacteria and plaque.

  1. Getting Professional Teeth Whitening

You can avoid all the staining food and drinks, eat raw carrots till your skin turns a nice shade of orange, but you’ll still not get the same effect as having your teeth whitened by a professional. This is because the techniques and materials used today are so effective and the results are long-lasting.  The Zoom teeth Whitening System offered by Sydney Smile Centres, for example, uses world leading light activated technology that can provide a dramatic and immediate tooth whitening result. Generally the each session takes around an hour, and the overall procedure may only require two or three sessions, leaving you with long-lasting beautifully white teeth. The procedure is also safe for people with sensitive teeth. Just keep in mind that the healthier your teeth and gums, the better whitening result you will be able to achieve, so find out from your dentist if they think your teeth would benefit from the whitening procedure.

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