What is a Dental Emergency?

There are different circumstances where you might need to access dental emergencies.

The most common is a Toothache.

Persistent toothache indicate that you need to see a Dentist as soon as possible.

Call our number 02 9349 2387 We have an after hours Emergency Dentist Service.

A Knocked out tooth

Accidents, and traumas can cause a tooth to be knocked out, if this just has happened to you, take the tooth and wash it in milk. Hold the tooth by the crown not by the root. Try to put the tooth back into the tooth socket, if it is not possible tell the patient to keep the tooth in his mouth (in one of his cheeks), or wrap it up in cling wrap. You must see the dentist within  30 minutes for successful replanting of the tooth.

For Emergency Dentist call us 02 9349 2387.

What is Dental Bleaching?

It is often referred as teeth whitening,

At Sydney Smile Centres you will receive the teeth whitening you have been looking for. Generally speaking dental bleaching is safe, effective and a cost effective way to gain an outstanding smile.

It is very popular these days to find a number of people going for these type of treatment. whereas before was only available to celebrities, models and wealthy people.

The technology and techniques used today are well developed and the results can be seen immediately.

Although dental bleaching offers an option for those looking to enhance their appearance, it is not for everyone. Our trusted and gentle Dentists will assess your case and give you advise during your appointment.

Is Dental Bleaching for me ?

Like any treatment, dental bleaching requires prior assessment. This examination will confirm if you are a valid candidate that will benefit and take full advantage of teeth whitening. People with natural, healthy and unrestored teeth will always show the best results.

If your teeth are stained, and these have been caused by; smoking, coffee, tea, or simply because of your age. Then teeth whitening will do the job and bring the white teeth you have been dreaming about back to life. On the other hand if the stains in you teeth are caused by; Dental fluorosis (excessive  exposure to high concentrations of fluoride) or tetracycline then the results won’t be as good.

Teeth whitening is not recommended for people with  sensitive teeth nor to those with large fillings, dental crowns, bridges or people suffering from periodontal disease.

What is involved in the treatment?

Once it has been established you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, the Dentist will explain the involvement of the treatment, so you understand.

The In-chair part of the treatment is performed by the dentist and is done using the bleaching agent and a curing light. This provides immediate results and because of the high concentration of the bleaching agent the procedure must be done with all the care possible, to avoid burns or over exposure to the bleaching agents.

The dentist will explain about the touch ups, which can be done at home with a less concentrated bleaching agent, and the help of custom fitted trays done by the dentist. All the former under the supervision and support from the dentist.