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Why choose Sydney Smile Centres for your Dental Crowns & Bridges?

At Sydney Smile Centres we have more than 50 years of combined experience performing smiles restoration with dental crowns and dental bridges. Our expertise in this cosmetic dentistry area is backed by hundreds of happy patients who smile confidently every day.

Our crowns and bridges are made with the latest and more resistant materials, so you do not need to worry about them for many years². Of course, if you want your crowns to last longer and maintain a natural look, we recommend brushing them regularly, as well as visiting us every 6 months for your regular dental check-ups and cleaning.

If you have doubts or are undecided about if a dental crown or a dental bridge is the right procedure for you, our friendly dentists can explain alternative treatments and their advantages and disadvantages, always considering your personal preferences and budget.

Basic information you need to know about Dental Crowns and Bridges

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns, also known as dental caps, are prosthetic devices used to cover and seal weak or damaged tooth preventing further decay and fracture, preserving its natural function and look.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridges are cosmetic dentistry procedure used to replace missing teeth, creating a structure composed from one or several artificial teeth which are anchored using a crown on each side of the gap, restoring your smile, shape of your face, ability to speak and chew distributing the bite evenly and preventing remaining teeth from moving.

Bridges can restore your smile for a fraction of the price compare to other cosmetic alternatives such as dental implants.

What type of material are used for Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges?

At Sydney Smile Centres we offer the following types of materials for your new crowns and bridges:

Zirconium CrownsZirconium is a very tough material without metal fuse, which means less material is required to make a crown and less tooth enamel removal is required.Zirconium crowns and bridges are so strong that they can be used anywhere of the mouth. the appearance of the crown is very similar to natural teeth reflecting light the same way as the teeth.this is important to know when you need to have a crown on the front of your mouth or when you need to have a single crown next door to a natural tooth.These crowns are not going to show the black area around the gum line because it does not have metal. The procedure is very simple, you just need two appointments ,one to grind the tooth very conservatively and place a temporary crown and the other appointment to remove the temporary crown and cement the zirconium crown.
e.max® CrownsAn All-Ceramic crown. No metals, Similar look to natural teeth. This crowns are considered the most esthetic option available on the market.
This crown is made from a single block of lithium dislicate ceramic. If you really want to have a best match with your own teeth , this is the crown to choose.
It has a very translucent colour and also it is very tough and has durability and opaque qualities. another quality of these crowns is that EMax is not limited only to porcelain crowns you can use them in implants, onlays and inlays.
Gold & Paladium Crowns These type of crown are highly recommended when you have a high percentage of tooth wear.
They provide the most accurate fit on the tooth, they require less tooth structure to be removed and. Gold crowns offers the most predictable bond with the porcelain.
However the esthetics could be compromise because of the color. It can be yellow or white, and the price is usually higher than the porcelain crowns.
We usually recommended them when you grind your teeth or the tooth to be crowned is on the back of your mouth.
Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns Basically, these type of crowns are very similar to gold crowns but the only difference is that they have porcelain around to improve aesthetics.
We still use these type of crowns when the patient grinds the teeth and it is looking for a long lasting solution.

Take advantage of our free consultation and ask our friendly dentists more information about how to choose the right material for your dental crowns or bridge, based on your needs and your budget.

How long will a Dental Crown or a Bridge last?

Dental Crowns and bridges could last between 5 to 15 years or even longer. It will depend on your oral hygiene and care.

How is the process of getting a Dental Crown/Bridge?

These type of procedures are usually performed in two visits to our dental practice:

The process of crowning a tooth

First Visit During the first visit, your dentist will carefully examine the overall health of the tooth to be crowned, measuring the risk of fracture, infection and/or damage of the pulp. It is important to understand that severely damaged teeth will require a root canal procedure before the crown is finally attached.In addition, your dentist will discuss the advantages and disadvantages based in your preference and budget.

When your are ready to start with the process, the tooth receiving the crown will be contoured by removing a portion of enamel to leave room for the new crown, then, an impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory where the crowns will be manufactured.

Finally a temporary dental crown or bridge made of acrylic materials will be glued.

Second Visit During the second and last visit, the temporary dental crown or bridge is removed and the permanent restoration is cemented.

How much does Dental Crowns/Bridges cost?

The cost of a dental crown or a dental bridge depends on the number of teeth to be replaced and the type of materials used. Sydney Smile Centres offers a different range of prices and zero interest payment plans to suit any budget.

Still undecided?

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(1) Conditions apply. (2) Remember our dental crowns and bridges are guaranteed for 10 years if you follow our dental care program.